Recruitment Agency Youtube Video

The video you are about to watch describes how to use the services in a fun and easy to remember way as well as describing the benefits of using the Free service.

Basically we take the headache out of finding a recruitment agency to fill your job openings by doing the legwork for you.

The video will explain that the website takes the information provided in the job specification that you have filled out and automatically finds the best suited recruitment agencies who will assist you with filling the role.

This means that you don’t have to call round lots of agencies, saving time and you decide the placement fee on the form so the recruitment agency has to agree to the placement fee if they would like to work on the job.

The service is totally Free of charge as we charge the Recruitment Agency a nominal administration charge for the service.

Please take a look at the Youtube video and leave comments if you like it.

We will also be adding additional video in the future relevant to finding a recruitment agency as well as other things like how to put a job specification together. Our aim is to make your life as easy as possible when you are looking to fill a job within your company.

We have already helped 100’s of companies fill their job openings with our easy to use service. Try us out today for Free. Of those companies 95% have used us again because the service works so well, especially if your job opening is specialised or in a tough location.
If you have any ideas or any ways you think we can improve our service then please fill out the contact us form and let us know your thoughts.

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