Placement Fee

It is important to strike a balance when deciding on the placement fee . If the fee is to low the Recruitment Agency will not work the job properly. Most placement fees are between 12.5% and 25%. Usually the appeal of a lower rate is the offer of exclusivity or the promise of volume recruitment.

The worst thing about dealing with recruitment agencies is the haggling over placement fees. However with our easy to fill out form we provide flat fee recruitment which means that you never have to negotiate a placement fee again. Phew..

The way it works with fixed fee recruitment is that you decide on the what you are willing to pay, once the candidate is placed with the company and then the agency has to accept the amount before they can work on the job. It is that simple. So, if you haven’t done flat fee recruiting before now is the opportunity to do it. We think you will find it positively refreshing.

What is important to remember is that this is a totally Free service up until the candidate is placed with you. At this point you have 30 days to pay the placement fee to our company. We in turn hold the money until the end of the rebate period.

To help you decide we have come up with a list of things to bear in mind (see right)

Submit Job Specification

Is the job easy to fill?
Is the location accessible to lots of people?
If you offer a fee which is to low the agency may not be willing to work it.
Most agencies offer a placement fee of 10%-30%.
Usually when an agency offers a lower placement fee they would ask for exclusivity.
If the salary is high the recruitment agency usually charges a higher fee.
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