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You will simply receive an email from with the job specification minus the company details. All you need to do to agree to the terms is click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.

The job specification with the Company Details will then appear and you are free to start working on the job opening.

The terms agreed at the outset are binding. There is no negotiation on placement fees or rebate period. Should you flout these rules you will be struck off the agency list.

Placement Fee

The placement fee is as a percentage of the basic salary. We will take a small percentage of the fee once the candidate is placed so that we can continue to run this service.

CV Ownership

When sending CV's, if you are up against other agencies the agency that sends the CV first is the agency that has ownership of the CV. The agency must get an email from the candidate allowing them to send the CV before sending it to the Client. This is to avoid agencies sending CV's without talking to the candidate.

Rebate Period

The rebate period can be anything from 8 weeks to 6 months. Some companies do it on a pro rata basis whereby if the candidate leaves half way through the rebate period then they get half the fee. Some companies offer no placement fee at all if the candidate leaves in the rebate period. Some do it whereby the agency has to replace the candidate for free.

Again it is all very well giving a favourable rebate period for yourself but you also have to consider whether the recruitment agency will put a lot of effort into finding suitable candidates.

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